What Can You DO


A campaign has been launched in Australia to highlight the devastating impacts of the palm oil industry on the orangutans and their rainforest habitat. Go to www.palmoilaction.org.au for more information on what you can do.

A) To volunteer your services please email us at help@grasp.org.au , include your CV and the area where you think you may be of assistance.

B) To make a donation, please make a deposit at your local bank or online.

C) Write to your local Federal MP and to the Minister for Environment and ask them to help the conservation of great apes. Actions you should promote are the labelling of all products containing Palm Oil and funding conservation of orangutans through the Federal Government’s Regional Natural Heritage Program.

D) Support an Eco Tourism project such as the AOP Borneo Orangutan Tours. Visit their web site at www.orangutan.org.au/tours or Email tours@orangutan.org.au for more details

E) Adopt an orangutan orphan through the AOP at http://www.orangutan.org.au/index.php?id=23

F) Become a member of the Jane Goodall Institute and help support their mission: to advance the power of individuals, to take informed and compassionate action, to improve the environment for all living things. Click here to join.

G) Start a Roots & Shoots Group or Classroom!
Inspire, take action, make a difference . . .

Roots & Shoots (R&S) is a youth driven, environmental and humanitarian education program which engages youth groups to plan and implement service projects showing care and concern in three areas: the environment, animals, and the human community. When you sign up to be a Roots & Shoots leader, the Jane Goodall Intitute supplies you with the tools you will need to successfully start a group.

H) Let Kyoto Protocol Delegates Know You Demand Immediate Action to Stop Rainforest Fires and Peatland Agricultural Conversion

Things to Know Before Starting a Teatox

Things to Know Before Starting a Teatox

Over the years, dietary fads have promised us slimmer waistlines, brighter skin and more energy. With the exception of smaller wallets, most of us end up looking exactly the same. Nevertheless, we continue on our search for that magic pill because we love the idea of it being that easy. One of the current fads on the market is the teatox. They are advertised as supplements that will cleanse the body of toxins and help people lose weight. However, one should know a few things about teatox products before shelling out the cash for them.

They are not regulated by the FDA
The Food and Drug Administration, or FDA, does not regulate products that are classified as supplements. In their eagerness to get consumers buying their products, detox tea companies neglect to inform consumers of this little tidbit of information. Teatox at Revive Me Tea companies claim that their products are safe, but we have no way of knowing their testing strategies or standards. The safety of each teatox product has not been held to the highest level of scrutiny, so you will be using them at your own risk.

Will not help with long-term weight loss goals
One of the primary ingredients used in the standard teatox is senna. It is an FDA-approved herb that stimulates the intestines to eliminate fecal matter. In order to do this, extra water is drawn from the bloodstream into the large intestine. While weight loss is technically occurring, it is primarily the result of this water-transferring process. Individuals who ordinarily consume high-sodium diets tend to retain excess water, so this is a great first step for them. However, losing too much water weight will cause the body to hoard its resources – including fat.

Potential hormonal imbalances
Some women have reported the loss of menstruation during and after consumption of a teatox. Unfortunately, the reasoning behind this side effect is not fully understood. Some hypothesize that dehydration from the laxative effect signals the body to release stress hormones. If released in large enough quantities, then it’s possible for them to override sex hormones that are responsible for menstruation.


About Knock Down Rebuild Designers

About Knock Down Rebuild Designers

If you want the convenience (and excitement) of a new residence but don’t exactly feel like relocating to a brand new neighborhood, hope is not lost. All you have to do is recruit the professional assistance of knock down rebuild designers. Luxury Living Homes Knock down rebuild designers Melbourne , in short, are professionals who demolish existing residences and then construct new and modern replacements. People who work as knock down rebuild designers literally knock down structures and then construct totally new ones. The process is as basic and straightforward as it sounds.

Knock down rebuild designers can help people who want new homes but who don’t want to have to deal with the hassles of moving. If you’re a parent who wants to keep your young children in the same schools, knock down rebuild designers can help you.

If you’re a busy person who doesn’t want to have to deal with the annoyance of finding another high-quality grocery store near your home, these rebuild designers can help you as well. These professionals can help people who want the convenience of new homes without any of the stresses that are attached to the complex and often time-consuming relocation process. If the idea of moving to a whole new area sounds daunting and perhaps even a little tiring to you, the knock down rebuild concept is exactly what you need. This process can truly provide you (and the other members of your household) with the best of both worlds, relocation-wise. That’s why it’s so popular these days.

Office 365 Support Melbourne

Office 365 Support Melbourne
The software package Office 365 is a great software that offers subscribers a chance to be productive. This particular software can be utilized to create a PowerPoint, Word documents, Spreadsheets and more. Though this software package is able to offer a host of benefits, users may find it difficult to maneuver through certain programs or even find that the software is not performing at its optimal level. During situations such as these Office 365 Support Melbourne, is able to assist any user. 

Office 365 Support Melbourne consists of individuals that are knowledgeable and will able to assist you with any questions and concerns that you may have regarding your Office 365 software. One question that may surface while using Office 365 may be how to link an email account to the software. Contacting Office 365 Support Melbourne can help to guide you through the process. These individuals will be able to provide you with a step-by-step process that can help you to connect your Office 365 software to your email account. 

Other issues may be a little harder to resolve than situations with your email. In some situations software can cease to function properly. Though these situations may not occur often they do occur and as a result help is available. Office365Tech- Office 365 Support Melbourne can help to troubleshoot these particular situations so that you can begin using your software again. Also, Office 365 Support Melbourne can help to diagnose and resolve the issue so that it does not happen again. 

Office 365 Support Melbourne may be able to offer assistance for individuals that would like to become more proficient in the software. With the help of how to videos and articles, any subscriber can learn a vast amount of information about the software. These tools can be found with the help of Office 365 Support Melbourne.

With odds against him, Heath Ducker has surpassed them all

With odds against him, Heath Ducker has surpassed them all
From a disadvantaged background to CEO of a company, Heath Ducker shows that your past does not equal your future. Heath Ducker grew up with 10 people and a single mom and although not having much of the basics, he survived and has superseded his upbringing. His decision to overcome his childhood made his outlook much brighter. It all changed when he started attending Youth Insearch which is a community organization that provides peer focused programs for adolescents. Heath Ducker says that this organization changed his life. While there, Heath Ducker became a youth leader and then joined its board of directors. From then, he began speaking at conferences, events and raising money. Heath Ducker didn’t stop there; he furthered his education and earned a double degree in law and arts. 

Heath Ducker knew that he wanted to make a difference and knew that obtaining a law degree would help him understand how society operates; it’s mechanism on how you can apply change and create it effectively. Today, he is the CEO of Youth Insearch. Heath Ducker the company by fundraising and building Youth Insearch’s profile across America and much more. Throughout this journey he has created much success and has even become a published author who has a book titled A Room at the Top (2009). Heath Ducker has accomplished so much already and will continue to do so.

Qualities of a Reliable Digital Agency in Melbourne

Qualities of a Reliable Digital Agency in Melbourne

When searching for a company to help market your business, it is necessary to hand over this role to verified professionals. Hiring the right digital agency in Melbourne takes some little research. You need to understand the aspects of a marketing firm that make them ideal to handle your project. Note that there has been an influx of companies offering marketing services yet their reliability cannot be verified. To avoid bad experiences with a digital agency in Melbourne, you need to look for certain qualities as outlined below. 

How a company handles customers determines their reliability. When searching for a GMG Digital agency Melbourne, you need to put this fact into consideration. Check on the responsiveness of the company to customer inquiries as this determines how well they can handle your needs. If the company offers a seamless system of communication, you can be sure they will always be available when you need assistance of any sort. 

The reputation of a company is very important and helps one to gauge their reliability. When searching for a digital agency in Melbourne, consider how well the group has been performing in their past projects. Check on customer feedback to know if they possess the right equipment and skills to help you achieve your marketing goals. You can easily access this information from online forums that offer information about different companies. Read customer reviews to know whether they offer services that are tailored towards ensuring their customers achieve their goals within the right time. 

Every investor maintains a certain budget for their marketing needs. However, different firms may offer varying rates to what their clients have set. When this is the case, you should consider hiring a company that offers a flexible schedule where you can get services that fit within your budget. Most importantly, some firms offer discounted rates to their clients. So, before you choose a digital agency in Melbourne, confirm about their terms as far as charges are concerned.