What Can You DO


A campaign has been launched in Australia to highlight the devastating impacts of the palm oil industry on the orangutans and their rainforest habitat. Go to www.palmoilaction.org.au for more information on what you can do.

A) To volunteer your services please email us at help@grasp.org.au , include your CV and the area where you think you may be of assistance.

B) To make a donation, please make a deposit at your local bank or online.

C) Write to your local Federal MP and to the Minister for Environment and ask them to help the conservation of great apes. Actions you should promote are the labelling of all products containing Palm Oil and funding conservation of orangutans through the Federal Government’s Regional Natural Heritage Program.

D) Support an Eco Tourism project such as the AOP Borneo Orangutan Tours. Visit their web site at www.orangutan.org.au/tours or Email tours@orangutan.org.au for more details

E) Adopt an orangutan orphan through the AOP at http://www.orangutan.org.au/index.php?id=23

F) Become a member of the Jane Goodall Institute and help support their mission: to advance the power of individuals, to take informed and compassionate action, to improve the environment for all living things. Click here to join.

G) Start a Roots & Shoots Group or Classroom!
Inspire, take action, make a difference . . .

Roots & Shoots (R&S) is a youth driven, environmental and humanitarian education program which engages youth groups to plan and implement service projects showing care and concern in three areas: the environment, animals, and the human community. When you sign up to be a Roots & Shoots leader, the Jane Goodall Intitute supplies you with the tools you will need to successfully start a group.

H) Let Kyoto Protocol Delegates Know You Demand Immediate Action to Stop Rainforest Fires and Peatland Agricultural Conversion

Qualities of a Reliable Digital Agency in Melbourne

Qualities of a Reliable Digital Agency in Melbourne

When searching for a company to help market your business, it is necessary to hand over this role to verified professionals. Hiring the right digital agency in Melbourne takes some little research. You need to understand the aspects of a marketing firm that make them ideal to handle your project. Note that there has been an influx of companies offering marketing services yet their reliability cannot be verified. To avoid bad experiences with a digital agency in Melbourne, you need to look for certain qualities as outlined below. 

How a company handles customers determines their reliability. When searching for a GMG Digital agency Melbourne, you need to put this fact into consideration. Check on the responsiveness of the company to customer inquiries as this determines how well they can handle your needs. If the company offers a seamless system of communication, you can be sure they will always be available when you need assistance of any sort. 

The reputation of a company is very important and helps one to gauge their reliability. When searching for a digital agency in Melbourne, consider how well the group has been performing in their past projects. Check on customer feedback to know if they possess the right equipment and skills to help you achieve your marketing goals. You can easily access this information from online forums that offer information about different companies. Read customer reviews to know whether they offer services that are tailored towards ensuring their customers achieve their goals within the right time. 

Every investor maintains a certain budget for their marketing needs. However, different firms may offer varying rates to what their clients have set. When this is the case, you should consider hiring a company that offers a flexible schedule where you can get services that fit within your budget. Most importantly, some firms offer discounted rates to their clients. So, before you choose a digital agency in Melbourne, confirm about their terms as far as charges are concerned.